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Tile - Antares Tile 4" X 20" - Beige

Antares Tile 4

Antares Tile 4" X 20" - Beige

$ 9.69 each

Product Specifications

Material: Porcelain Tile
Type: Bullnose
Color: Beige
Width: 4"
Length: 20"
Usually ships in 5-10 days
Sample Unavailable

With over 100 designs and 6,400 products in four different technologies, Imola tile offers a wide range of ceramic tile products. With this many Imola tile products, you’re sure to find the perfect kitchen tile, bathroom tile, or tile for the living room, den or walkway.


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Even though we have great photography, colors can vary drastically from one monitor to another. We are not responsible for these monitor color variations or individual monitor differences. If possible, we always encourage you to see these products in person.

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